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The IOCOGB will be using this space to display photos of your vehicles. If you would like your micro featured here then drop me an Email and before you know what your pride and joy or wreck will be posted.

This is Kevin's Isetta from Scarborough.
I hope he's got a good Battery.

I guess this is what Kevins Bubble looked like
before the paint job and extra lights.

This is Mark's Isetta 300. First registered in 1962, she was made up from 2 other Isetta's.

This is Steve & Melinda Balla's Isetta/VW truck!
I think thats what you would call it?
They live in Calgary, Canada.

These two 600's belong to Dave Major
The Aerocar 600 is his 1959 BMW 600 modified to resemble a small plane. The White 600 is his 1959 kept original.
Click here for more info

This Fiat Topolino C also belongs to Steve & Melinda Balla

Richard Jones
The world famous 'Bertie' and co-owner Brenda on a recent holiday.
Bertie has been to Story, several Nationals, and runs to the British Lake District and East Coast.
The car is a 1961 RHD 300cc with 7" headlamps.

This is Ann Fletcher's Isetta 300 (LHD)

A college freind had an Isetta in the 60,s which left a lasting impression with me.

I first set eyes on 'Vera' at Astle Park Traction Engine Rally on August 15th 1999. Came home smitten. Then saw her next at Crich Tram Museum a fortnight later.

Ann who lives in Mottram St Andrew, Macclesfield purchased 'Vera' 3 days later (1.9.1999) from Ray Cresswell of Buxton.

Ken Guild's Trojan

This is Firemarshal Bill's Isetta which he purchased in May of 1999 and drove him (Kermit) all summer long before taking him down for a total restoration last October. The picture shows him (and Bill) all dressed up for a local parade last August. Bill lives in Oak Harbor, WA, USA.

This is George Blau's picture of his 1957 US export model Isetta. This car was restored in San Jose, Costa Rica. I mention the location because there are no more Isettas nor any parts for Isettas here and without the help and advice of so many IOCOGB members and Isetta fans from all over the world, this project would have been impossible to complete. I am a regular visitor of your site and value the bulletin board very much.

Attached is a photo of Neal Bircher's two Isettas leaving his parents' house in January 2002 after 22 years residence at the bottom of the garden!
Watch this space as they are returned to former glory over the course of the next few months. I hope to have at least one ready in time for this year's rallies.

Please fill in your vehicle details now!

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