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We will use this page to list the latest changes to our pages. Click on the links below to take you to the update.

19/2/2012 Menu updated.
24/12/2011 Forthcoming Events updated.
18/12/2011 Payments by PayPal. 2012 Membership Application Form.
28/11/2011 General update as requested at the AGM on 27/11/2011. Please take a fresh look.
25/4/2008 General update. Please take a fresh look.
27/2/2007 Spares Price List.
22/12/2006 Pictures of the 2006 National Rally.
12/11/2006 Removal of Old Bulletin Board.
11/6/2006 Committee Members.
6/3/2006 Forthcoming Events and new Bulletin Board.
23/1/2006 Front page again and Your Vehicles.
3/1/2006 Front page and Forthcoming Events.
21/12/2005 2 new links on Micro Car Links page.
20/12/2005 New Front Page.
21/11/2005 Parts List Prices
20/11/2005 General update of site, including view in Full Screen.
25/10/2005 Committee Members Page
14/07/2003 The Gold & Silver Anniversary Rally Report added
07/02/2003 Contact the club's Technical Advisor option added
07/02/2003 Owners Club Silver Jubilee Rally View / Print Booking Form - Added
05/02/2003 Events List 2003 added
04/02/2003 Web links page updated
30/12/2002 Vehicle Database added
06/12/2002 Improved Site Search Facility
13/08/2002 New article The other little car with one front door
10/08/2002 New article I Came, I saw, a Sad Site! (UK Isetta Factory)
28/02/2002 New Spares Updated
17/01/2002 Events
17/01/2002 Members Document Library
16/01/2002 Re-registration of UK vehicles
30/03/2001 Existing membership Renewal.
30/03/2001 Forthcoming Events Updated.
13/03/2001 Submit copy for club gazette form added
06/03/2001 New and Updated spares added
10/01/2001 In the wheeltracks of Soapy - And beyond!
17/10/2000 Regalia section revamped with pictures
17/10/2000 Richard Jones's Störy Pictures
17/10/2000 Brief look at the BMW 600
27/07/2000 On-Line orders updated to take credit card payments.
27/07/2000 Bulletin Board Updated with "Town/City" and "Country" required fields.
20/07/2000 First Spares List (circa 1956) Added in Members section.
14/07/2000 Video clips have be added to Story 2000 section.
09/06/2000 The Goggomobil Dart section has been updated
26/05/2000 The Autoette. New in the rare microcar section
25/05/2000 Herr we go again! Story item added.
25/04/2000 More fun stuff Added.
10/04/2000 Members Event Survey Added.
03/04/2000 Two New Events Added.
28/02/2000 Members Area created.
06/02/2000 Events Page Updated
15/11/1999 National Classic Car Show Report
25/10/1999 Störy 2000 Enquiry form added.
06/10/1999 Built in installer added to screen saver file
30/09/1999 IOCOGB Down-loadable windows screensaver.
17/09/1999 New Section The Brighton Isetta Factory.
08/09/1999 New Vehicle Entered in "Your Vehicles" section.
23/08/1999 What's it like inside? added.
09/08/1999 Members Survey added.
05/08/1999 The Cartoons of the Gazette section added
03/08/1999 Six more questions added to: You know all about Isetta's
03/08/1999 New Technical Article THE CARBURETTOR
02/08/1999 New Technical Article VDO Head Overhaul
02/08/1999 New Technical Article DAVE'S GUNGE
02/08/1999 New Article IN SEARCH OF AN ISETTA CLUB
02/08/1999 New Article OH, LUCKY JIM
23/07/1999 So "You know all about Isetta's" section added.
22/07/1999 New Vehicle Entered in "Your Vehicles" section.
20/07/1999 New Vehicle Entered in "Your Vehicles" section.

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