Accessing Members Area

To access the members area you will need to input a username and a password.

Your username will usually be made up of your firstname and your surname without a space

Your password will be your membership number including the letters on the end.

Usernames and passwords have to be entered in UPPER-CASE. For example:

Mark Perkins would use a username of: MARKPERKINS and a password of: 0123JA

There are some exceptions to this rule and this is where you filled in your membership form using initials instead of firstname, in this case your username would be: MPERKINS

Note: Your username will be the same as it is on the envelope that your gazette comes in without spaces.

NEW members please allow up to 2 weeks for your loggon details to be updated on this website before you can access the members area.

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If you have problems accessing the Members Only Area, email the webmaster quoting your full name and membership number.

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